The clearVIEW Spectrum Analyzer and Wireless Recorder Application

The clearVIEW application allows you to monitor and record wireless signals with an unprecedented level of simplicity. The user interface is built upon widely support programming languages. What does this mean? The application can run on macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android and more with NO additional software installations. Monitoring and recording RF is now as simple as unboxing a Renni and opening a web browser. Want to see how easy RF can become with Renni and the clearVIEW application? Here's a demo video!


In summary, first set up your recording and monitoring parameters through the easy-to-use web interface.

Setup parameters

 Then, monitor the spectrum on Renni directly or through any other device on the network that has a web browser.

Monitor spectrum


You can record complex 16-bit IQ data directly to the high capacity NVMe drive. The application has a built-in DVR capability, which can buffer up to 30 seconds of data. So if a signal-of-interest becomes active while you aren't recording, you still have the ability to capture the IQ data. When you are finished, you can download the signal files in a highly-compatible binary format or a BLUE format.

Recorded IQ data