The clearSPEAK Wireless Transmitter Application

The clearSPEAK application makes wireless transmission simple. An intuitive user interface gives you the power to setup complex playback scenarios fast. Best of all, it is written in widely supported supported programming languages. This means you can create your scenarios from macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android and more with NO additional software installations. Transmitting wireless signals is now as simple as unboxing a Renni and opening a web browser. Check out this demo video!

To simplify file playback, clearSPEAK supports a variety of Midas BLUE and GNU Radio formats. You can generate waveform files in Matlab, Midas, Python or any other capable software language. There are some examples of signal file generation on our GitHub page. You can also playback any signals that you have recorded from the clearVIEW application.  

Setting up a playback scenario is a breeze! Navigate to the clearSPEAK page by pointing a web browser to your Renni System. 

clearSPEAK landing page

 Click 'Add Setup' to add a Waveform to the transmit queue. You'll see a pop-up with your available files and their meta data.

clearSPEAK setup

 Clicking on a row will add it to the Transmit queue. The form allows you to easily change features. You can alter the center frequency, sampling rate, gain, number of loops, file format and amplitude scale. Once you have configured your scenario, simply click 'Start' to initiate the transmission.

clearSPEAK transmitting

 You'll get real-time feedback on which file is transmitting. If the infinite loop box is checked, your scenario will playback until you click stop. Otherwise, it'll playback a fixed number of times then stop. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at: Thanks for reading!