The clearBOX receive application

The clearBOX application is designed to make it easy to consume RF data. The application packetizes and broadcasts IQ samples. Your custom application can subscribe to the broadcast and ingest data in real-time. Examples of how to ingest data in Python and C on our GitHub page.

The RF settings are exposed through a simple web application. By pointing at browser at your Renni system you can command a center frequency, sampling rate, filter bandwidth, LNA gain and enable calibration. Alternatively, your application could command different settings by opening a Websocket and sending a simple JSON command packet.

clearBOX settings


The Python example will subscribe to the IQ broadcast and collect one packet. It then performs a windowed FFT and generates both a time and frequency domain plot of the captured waveform.

clearBOX python capture

The C example will subscribe to the IQ broadcast and collect a configurable number of packets. The data portion of the packets are saved to a binary file. The meta data for each packet received is printed to the terminal.

clearBOX c capture


If you have any questions please reach out to us at Thanks for reading!